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Do you have what could be called old fashioned values ?...Are you King of your castle ?...Is there "mens" work & "womens" work ?...Do you have the expectation that a womans place is in the home ?...Is your partner an equal partner or is the man's word the final say ?

Good luck, gentlemen...Heh
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Linda and me have a MODERN marriage.......

Neither of us do house work ( have same housekeeper for 15 years, and the same handyman, and yardman)

We do the laundry...both of ironing (see housekeeper )

Neither of us really cooks ( at least not often)... we had our stove break years ago and we never replaced it for two years! Thank heaven for restaurants and microwaves.

On decisions, we argue allot ( mainly because making up is so much FUN).....



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