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I have not previously tried Obris Morgan, but it seems folks mostly have good things to say about them. A couple of months ago I got in on the Obris Morgan Aegis pre-order (before they very quickly sold-out). I figured for the price it was worth a try. Plus most folks don't seem to have a problem re-selling them.

I didn't have a DLC watch and decided to go that route. To off-set the DLC I decided to go with the matte blue dial.

Well, I received the Aegis on Friday and I have to say I'm pretty impressed. I really like the blue dial with the black DLC. In some lighting the matte blue almost looks like a black dial. In other, generally bright lighting it looks like a very deep blue, that I think provides a nice contrast to the black bezel and the DLC.


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I have one myself, but I like yours better!

Congrats and enjoy

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