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Number of your Limited Edition

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I saw this thread on the Geeks forum, and it was a funny thing, too, because Larry and I were actually talking about this while we were packing up some of the Madman Chronos for delivery! We had to match up the certificates with the watches, so we had to look at each watch number individually (took a while!) and we kept calling out the significant ones like 55, 99, 20, etc. Now I'm wondering what you guys have.

What LE watch did you get, and what number was on it? We should keep a score chart of these, just so you guys can show off ;)


Imperial Tourbillon - Rosetone

julio13 - 002/100
CurrentTime - 069/100
LadyCopper - 079/100

Imperial Tourbillon - Rosetone

Alexander - 070/100

Madman Chronograph LE
- Rosetone/Black

Bichondaddy - 046/200

Midnight Falcon - Black/Blue

TheWatchGeek - 003/250

Gen-X - Blue

djpop - 038/200
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Imperial Tourbillon - Silvertone Blackband


Runs nicely. Very well crafted.

Set and run side by side a Swiss quartz chronograph
for 24hrs.

Lost 10 seconds with watch stationary in box.


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Renato T-Rex GenII 5040.F

#12 of 50

This watch is currently for sale.

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Great watch and great pictures, Marc...I meant Stuhrling Limited Editions, though lol
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Felix wrote:
Speaking of which, Larry, did you get the certificate yet?
Sorry to take so long to reply Felix...but yes I did get my certificate. It's very nice and I am getting it framed...yes framed!!!
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Quite alright! I'm just glad I got it there on time! Picture of the framed certificate please!
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