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Nice looking watch, but I think my normal one looks better.

Having read the review on the Hodinkee version, I note it uses the (excellent) standard Alpha movement, and not the (better) more desirable in house DUW 4401.

My newly arrived Metro has managed 0 seconds variance over the last two 24 hours periods I tested it, so I don't feel chrono certification is an issue with this movement.

The loss of the sapphire crystal display back is also a significant negative with a watch that's such a nicely decorated movement.

Oddly the review claims the steel caseback allows for a thinner watch, at 7.75mm, but the Nomos Datum Gangreserve is in fact thinner at 7.65mm. I suspect it is because they domed it slightly (double-radiused, per the review).

Lovely watch, but IMO quite inferior to the Nomos Datum Gangreserve. I think the Metro Datum Gangreserve looks better.
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