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Moderators, I apologize for starting a new thread and in the general forum instead of the feedback forum. Since most members read the original thread but may not keep up with all the responses, I thought it only fair to Brett to make sure this gets maximum exposure.

This is the update I posted at WG:

Final Update - Brett has contacted me and he was indeed on vacation and he had no way of knowing the watch was delivered. Once he found this out he messaged me just as soon as he could and he paid for the watch right away. I would like to apologize to Brett for jumping the gun on this. I should have known there was a good explanation. So please, if Brett offers to deal with you, do it with confidence.

Everybody would be wise to learn from my mistake as well...if a deal seems to go south, give it a little more time and make sure you have exhausted all ways to get all the facts first instead of jumping to fast conclusions as I did...not only did I make an ***** of myself, but came pretty close to ruining a great guys reputation. Again Brett, I am very sorry.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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