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G.Fox wrote:
Thanks for the kind words, CJ! I'm very happy to hear you like your new AutoPilot, on the brand-spankin' new bracelet too!


Yes, I'm a Steelers fan (though haven't had much time to watch football lately. Can only catch the highlights!). I remember being a little kid, living outside of Pittsburgh, watching the game inour living room, when all of a sudden the most famous play in football history happened: "The Immaculate Reception" between Terry Bradshaw and Franco Harris! So, a Steelers fan for life!

Lastly, CJ, a hearty Welcome to the NFW Family, brutha!!!!

Thanks for your business,

LOL George! I had money on the Raiders! Cooked my butt! I can still remember going into shock!
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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