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I have the same AP and also a Vector. Love NFW. Hoping to add maybe another hopefully another AP....might go with a Vector....not sure.

ChaunceyJack wrote:
This is one ShopNBC show that I will make a point to watch.

I have refused to watch anymore shop shows since last August for reasons of my own, one being that I am just Invicta'ed out and the new Invicta stuff has no appeal to me. I look for NFW, Phillip, Chase Durer to appear because those are just about the only shop brands that I will purchase anymore.

I sure would not hesitate to buy another NFW, now, especially when the prices will be lower. I just received late last month my all black AP orange dialwith the new black SS bracelet, and that watch is one SPECIAL watch and one of the favorites in my collection along withmy high polish navy dial NFW Regulator. NFW is one of the best watch buys anyplace, and the CS that George delivers is perfect -- all watch companies could take lessons from George on how to handle customers. One NFW watch is never enough for any watch lover, and once you have bought your first one, you WILL be back for another and another and . . .

These NFW bargains on the Shop only come about once or twice a year, and most definitely, they cannot be missed.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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