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Newbie. Grandfather LOVED watches & clocks

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Hello everyone! My grandfather passed away recently. He was a HUGE watch/clock collector. I was hoping I could get some help with a couple watches I obtained. I know nothing about watches. I looked on the internet I found a little but not much. I greatly appreciate any help!

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Hi Amanda, and so sorry about your grandfather.

Seems like he really did enjoy watches, and had some
amazing taste. Love how he had such classic brands
as Bulova, Timex, and Seiko in the collection, and both
quartz, and mechanical like with the Fairfax.

They are all beautiful, but I myself can’t tell you much
about them. Other than they are very cool, and so very
nice to have in memory of your grandfather. (y)(y)
Thank you very much! There is hundreds of clocks/watches and repair parts at his place. I’m bringing home his favorite grandfather and grandmother clock. That is once I make room lol. I can definitely say I got his “picking, pack rat gene”.
😉 You are very welcome Amanda. (y)

Really sounds like your grandfather loved the hobby,
and could have opened up a cool store, or even maybe
a museum ! 🥇🏆😀 Those clocks alone sound like
they are spectacular. ..So happy that you too enjoy
them. He would be, or actually has to be so proud.

Enjoy Amanda !
Even if they aren’t valuable, they sure are incredible looking Amanda.
I mean you really don’t see watches made like this nowadays. Just
check out that Gruen’s bracelet, and how neat that is ! 😮 It’s almost
like a crushed gold, and the one on the left is like a cool mesh.
With the watches themselves being fit for royalty. Very cool ! (y) (y)
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1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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