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Newbie. Grandfather LOVED watches & clocks

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Hello everyone! My grandfather passed away recently. He was a HUGE watch/clock collector. I was hoping I could get some help with a couple watches I obtained. I know nothing about watches. I looked on the internet I found a little but not much. I greatly appreciate any help!

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Hi Amanda, and so sorry about your grandfather.

Seems like he really did enjoy watches, and had some
amazing taste. Love how he had such classic brands
as Bulova, Timex, and Seiko in the collection, and both
quartz, and mechanical like with the Fairfax.

They are all beautiful, but I myself can’t tell you much
about them. Other than they are very cool, and so very
nice to have in memory of your grandfather. (y)(y)
Thank you very much! There is hundreds of clocks/watches and repair parts at his place. I’m bringing home his favorite grandfather and grandmother clock. That is once I make room lol. I can definitely say I got his “picking, pack rat gene”.
Welcome to WF.

Not sure what info you require but they are all vintage watches and are on the small side, made for ladies.
Three of them are gold plated except for the Fairfax which states 10K - most likely plated.

Value - not much unfortunately. Would think somewhere in the region of $5-$50 each
Thank you!
Welcome to our forum! If you could tell us what information you are looking for this would help. As stated before, these are all watches made for women. They only represent sentimental value.
Thank you!
The Bulova was made in 1978. That's about all I can tell you about these. Good luck.
Thank you that helps!
Gramps wore women's watches, or are these your Grandmothers??
He collected any and all watches/clocks and did a lot of repairs.
I’ve searched through all the watches and kept a good bit. Some because sentimental, some because I collect vaseline(uranium) glass and I’m curious if any of these dials are. I’m going to invest in a Geiger counter eventually. Does anyone have radium dial watches they know for a fact are or can help me with any information on how to properly identify?
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I do hope you stick around and become a regular member because this is a very fun group of watch (and life) loving individuals. If I would encounter such a cache of watches I would start dividing them. Mechanical hand wound, mechanical automatic, quartz digital (LCD and LED) and quartz analogue. Use Google to find facts on brand names. Don't hesitate to ask questions although most of us are just enthusiasts who happen to like watches. Not experts.
Thank you! It’s very intriguing seeing the inside and how the function. I’ve learned a lot by searching discussions in this group!
Hello all. I’m back with more questions. They are travel clocks in trying to find the year also a big wall clock. I wondered if you all could help. Also as I’m searching through more watches what are some that I should keep my eye out before I make a goodwill donation?
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Hi Amanda - those travel alarm clocks are donation material for sure. The Seth Thomas wall clock, I'm afraid - same thing. There were a ba-jillion of those, the earliest being the most valuable.

If perhaps in that lot, you find a piece from his leftovers that speaks to you, I'd focus on that. Good luck!
I’m looking for ones that would have radium dials for my collection (I’m very new to them). There is so many watches I just don’t want to pass up a rare or sought after one.
Then I find some fancy looking ones like this lol I use the google ID and read some stuff and have some set aside to have someone look at them. Most I can tell aren’t of sentimental or value.
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