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New strap for my Orient Rally

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I purchased my first Orient about 5 years ago - the Rally skeleton dial automatic. It came on a stainless bracelet that was very well made, but suffice it to say, I'm just not a bracelet aficionado. As a result, the last couple years I hadn't been wearing it much, but had tried some NATOs without landing on an ideal strap. The 23mm lugs also didn't make my quest any easier.

Recently I came across the Citizen Primo Chrono on the forum and while admiring it on Citizen's site, I realized that its strap would be perfect for my Orient, both with the black/orange rally color scheme and 23mm width. I tracked down a seller on ebay with the exact strap and it arrived today.

I thought I'd share a few pics. I might look to change out the signed Citizen buckle, but otherwise I'm very pleased with the quality of the strap. I'd highly recommend it to anyone seeking a black and orange strap.

Here's a pic of the stock bracelet (pic from Long Island Watch):

And here it is with the Citizen rally strap:

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Perfect Combo Rock. The perf rally strap really goes well with that Orient.
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