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New spacemaster stopped working

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I am a new user to the forum.

I was given a new spacemaster for early xmas present after many years of wishing.

Have had it for 5 days and it has stopped working. Have not bumped or knocked it, have swam with it, but does not appear to have any leakage, condensation, etc. I have tried winding it manually but do not want to overwind it. Does anyone know how many turns of the crown is needed before the watch startsto tick over? Will take it back to the AD in a few days, but now a bit sad/dissapointed :-(

After many years of research i had expected a quality, reasonably tough time piece from ball.

Has anyone had any similiar experience?
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Will do, thanks for help....
Hi, i assumed that it was given the protective clasp over the crown? Does the clasp close if the crown is not fully screwed in?
Thats bad news for me....

Will be taking it to the AD tomorrow. My next worry is wether it is fixable if indeed there was leakage? Have you had any experience with service from Ball support? I live in Sydney and the AD is also in Sydney, do you know if the watch will be sent to the US?

Thanks again for you help
Hi Doug,

I also have the white/silver model. Beautiful watch.

Took to the AD and they shipped it straight to the service centre. Appariently there is one in Sydney...?

I will give it a week before getting in touch with the AD.

Will keep you posted.


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Hi all,

Thanks for everyones feedback and assistance so far.

So heres the update:

AD gave me a call and i got my spacemaster back today, it was actually ready a week ago, but I was unable to pick it up. Thats a 3 week turn around time, taking the Xmas/NY break into consideration, so not to bad from the service center (SC).

Okay; turns out that there was no seawater in the watch, so the crown must have been fully in when i took it for a swim.

The AD reported that the SC replaced the rotor pin/screw? I asked the AD if the SC explained why/how the component could have been broken? If it was a case of a faulty factory part, ok, thats out of my control. But if it was a bump or knock I probably need to be more careful. The AD said that the SC did not provide any feedback on why it might have broken. Not sure if he was being evasive or he just wouldnt know.

The dilema i have is that i cant remember having a serious (or any) knock on the watch. Given Balls reputation, i would expect it would require a pretty hard knock, which should have left some signs, to cause this kind of damage? The watch is still pristine with barely a scuff mark on it.

So now i am worried about any slight bump causing a similar problem?

Happy to get any advice, feedback from more enlightened folks :)

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All good advice from everyone, thanks! I will start enjoying wearing it. Looking forward to reading any future posts from everyone....
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