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Here is the story behind this watch purchase. I had not seen this seiko 5 before so I was looking for info. Thought I may find some more info here. Anyway, here is my original post in the "arrived today" forum...

Today was my birthday so my wife and I dropped the kids off at Granny's and we went out for dinner. After dinner we decided to do a little bit of shopping. My wife wanted to get her rings cleaned so we stopped at the Zales outlet. I wasn't really looking for a watch but they had a nice selection of Seiko automatics. I found a Seiko 5 automatic that I had not seen before but it really caught my eye. It had a white dial with orange hands and orange accents on the bezel. It was similar to the Seiko 5 baby monsters but the crystal went to the edge of the bezel. It was marked $350 so it was an easy pass, however, they did the outlet dance and the price was magically $195. Still an easy pass for me.

I walked down to the next case and what do you know...the same watch in a different color. This one had a black dial with red accents. I asked if it was the same price as the other one thinking that it would be the same price. The sales woman said, "well, this is the clearance case and these are 70% off plus another 10% off." It came out to be $100.17. Well...this was not an easy pass for me.

I think I got a deal, but really can't be sure because I can't find much info on the net about it. The model number is 4R36-00S0. I am sure that the movement is the 4R36 day/date...obviously.

Anyway. I love the new watch. If anybody has any info about it, please pass it along. I would like to know if I got a deal or overpaid for it. Either way. I like it at the $100 price point.

Now for the good part...the pics!

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