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This has been with me a day or so now, so thought I would share my thoughts.

This Seiko 5 SSA061K1 drew my attention because it reminded me of the old "Speedtimer" Seiko 5 Sports of the 70s.

I'm a sucker for silver dialed watches as it is, but the blue and red highlights really made it for me.

It's got a nice 24 jewel 4R37A automatic movement, with 24 hour subdial, hacking and handwinding.

It also has a see through glass back and is rated at 100m Water Resistance.

The crown is at 2 o'clock, the only watch I have with the crown there, but it adds to the quirkiness of this watch.

The bezel is fixed and is really un-decorated. Some sort or "rally" insert would have gone nice here.

Those eagle eyed among you may have noticed this isn't on its stock bracelet. While the stock bracelet was decent quality with solid links and a nice clasp, it was a bit boring and cheap looking.
I recently "Tuna-ised" a SKX007 and put a Z22 on that, so I used the 22mm jubilee that was on that and it fits this watch perfectly, but more importantly, I think enhances the "retro" air of this watch far more than the stock bracelet.

What would I change? TBH 24 hour dials are a bit pointless unless your a globetrotter. I'm never drunk enough to not know if it's AM or PM :), so I would lose this.
I would have liked the second hand to have been blue or red, to match the markings, instead of its boring grey.
And I've mentioned about a rally bezel, although without it, it can almost pass a dressy.

I paid £103, new, shipped to the UK from an eBay seller in Germany. This was after using a 20% off eBay promotion last week.

Otherwise, I'm liking this, as like I say, it reminds me of a 70s 5, but with the benefit of a higher jeweled, hacking, hand-winding movement.

Just a shame they couldn't have done it with a better bracelet.

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Wow Tony, these really do have that 70's feel to them !!! :smile-thumb2:When you first see it you think it's vintage with the beautiful blue, and red accents on the dial. What a spectacular job Seiko did, and all for such a great deal it sounds like. ..These Seiko 5's are out of this world when it comes to bang for the buck honestly. I mean you've got a fantastic design, 24 jewel movement, and outstanding quality all the way around. Too cool Tony ! :cool: :cool: A huge congratulations on it ! Looks great with the Jubilee by the way !!! ..Oh, and thanks for the terrific look, and review !

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Really nice pickup. Congrats!!!
I noticed you said it has the 4R37 engine.
I have several pieces with the 4R36 engines.
How do the 4R36 and 4R37 differ?
I've read Seiko Epson S11 4R36s are clones to
of Seiko's NH35's. Both 24 jewels, both are hand
windable and hackable.
I believe Invicta uses the NH35 in both their 9110s
and their 8926's.

Lou Snutt
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