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New Sample Watches - Vote and Win!

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Hey All!

So as some of you may already know, I founded the microbrand Blacklist back in 2013. I have been designing and re-designing my next model the Streetmatic for about a year and a half now. I am finally happy with the newest samples and am ready to make some production decisions.

I have 10 samples and can only produce 6. I created this survey to try to figure out what the most popular models are and I will likely produce those.

I really appreciate all the help. Every vote enters you into a giveaway I am hosting to win one of the 5 watch travel cases that I produce. (Pictures below the watches)

Specs of the watches are on the survey page.



Vote and be automatically entered to win a 5 watch travel case! *
watches not included.

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LOVE the S6 most of all, and the S8 is my close runner up.

Thank you for the generous opportunity to win one of those beautiful pieces!!!!

And best of luck on selling the new line!
Just voted. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.
That S7 looks great!
S8 for me, I need a white dial, black hand watch.
Thanks for the chance S2.1 would be my first choice, closely followed by the S7.
Entered many thanks.

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Wow! Thanks for the opportunity, first of All. Second, you have one hell of a lot here! Beautiful pieces! S2.1 with that green is amazing. The green really pops!

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Thanks for the generosity.

S8 is my favorite
LOVE the S6 most of all, and the S8 is my close runner up.

Thank you for the generous opportunity to win one of those beautiful pieces!!!!

And best of luck on selling the new line!

Thank you for the kind words! Appreciate you taking the time to vote!
S3 for me. Unpopular opinion. :(
I really like that one too, actually. Probably my third choice.

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I voted and it was tough :)

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They all look great but the S8 is the one I'd choose if I were buying.

Thanks for letting us participate.
S3 for me. Unpopular opinion. :(
Actually the S3 is leading the way. Once the survey hits 200+ i will let everyone know the results! It's close :)

S3 is already on the production list so no worries there!
Awesome! Thanks! Voted and entered.

Hello everyone, just thought I would show the distribution of votes. Both in number and % format. 253 entries after adjustment for duplicates.

Obviously this does not equate to what the real sales distribution will be, but it's about as close as we can get to predicting. And it's a good place to start and judge interest.

Here's my thoughts..

Background: Last production run, I was sold out of 2 out of 5 of my black models the month after they got here. And have sold many more black watches than stainless steel. So black is my customer base's most popular model all around. The introduction of the new non carbon dials is to appeal to a new customer base.

Interpenetrating the data (long):
I like to look at both first and second choice, but first choice is really what I care about. Only about 5% of my customers buy more than 1. No surprise here, the S3 is the clear winner. Why no surprise? Because my last P3 (Black and gold) model was a HUGE success and to date I have sold 65+ of them. The S2 coming right after was also not a surprise because the R2 from my last production run was sold out in pre-sales. The S5, came in 3rd, which is pretty huge because it was added to the sample run on a whim at the last minute. When it arrived, it's become my absolute favorite out of them all. The blue is mesmerizing. I thought the S6 and S7 would outshine the S8, however I was way wrong. It appears the white dial would be a great addition to this collection. Maybe the S6 is too much like the carbon dial and the S7, well maybe its too much grey + silver. The S1.1 and 2.1 are just the SS versions of the more popular S1 and S2. They are easy to add to production so I will make some of them as well.

Interpenetrating the data (Cliff notes):
Producing the S3, S2, S5 for sure. 97% sure about the S1, S1.1 S2.1
S4 is in limbo
S6, S7 will probably not be produced this time around.

If you read all of this mumbo jumbo, let me know what you think.

Also, I will pick a couple winners for the travel cases very soon.

Thank you everyone who entered, and if you havent entered yet, I will still accept your entry. This was just to get a head start on the data.

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I just voted. S3 is my first choice with S5 being my second.

Thanks for this opportunity and good luck with production.
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