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Not sure if everyone’s seen Rado’s new DiaStar Original 60-Year
Anniversary Edition, or DiaStar Original already.

The watches have 38mm steel, and ceramic cases, and either nice
silver gray dials on the Anniversary. Or blue, green, and gray on the
new Originals. With the new Anniversary also getting a cool faceted
sapphire crystal as well. Plus Milanese bracelet, and neat gray textile
strap. While the Originals add in their own cool bracelets. And inside
all of the watches you have the Rado R764 automatic movement as

60 Year Anniversary:

DiaStar Original:

Time and Watches, Monochrome, as well as Rado too everyone...

The Rado DiaStar Original gets a sharp, contemporary edge

The New Rado Diastar Original And 60-Year Collection - Hands-On, Price

Discover Swiss Ceramic Design Watches | RADO® Watches US

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I’m with the both of you guys on these. 😉😉

The DiaStar in all it’s forms always simultaneously looks vintage,
and from the distant future with it’s style right?! 😎👽 So no matter
if you see a vintage one, or a modern one, or one of these brand
new creations, they always look timeless. It’s really something to
tell the truth.

If I had to choose between the new 60th Anniversary, or the new
DiaStar Original, the Original gets the nod though. It genuinely IS
neat honestly. 😀

So was hearing what you had to say Lou, and Rob !! THX so very
much for joining in on the conversation !!!
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