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Whoa, THIS is ridiculously cool news Astro ! 馃槷馃槑

Seriously cannot thank you for breaking the news !!! 馃弳 Because I
know NFW is a legendary modern day watch company in which so
many members at the various forums have always enjoyed. 馃榾 So
people are going to be really excited just to find out about this sir.
Yowza, cool stuff, not to mention a cool new Shumate. ..THX once
again Astronut !!!

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It sounds like a genuine winner really Astronut, holy cow, a SHUPER
Shumate congratulations here !!! 馃榾馃槑

I mean you have to be one of the very first to pick one of these up I
bet. 馃槈Nice work sir, and thank you once again for the mega cool
heads up about it. Because honestly I am not on any of the social
media sites, so I don't catch a lot of watch brand news I imagine. In
fact I still kind of look for news the old fashioned way, where I will
just search various blogs every day for news that folks might enjoy.
However, that does allow for watches like NFW's new Shumate to
fall through the cracks, so thanks so so much for the reports !!!

I really hope this one gets a lot of wrist time, not to mention, gets
to spend some time with all of those other special NFW's you own. (y)
Keep on enjoying ALL of those, and keep us posted on how much
you are liking it in the coming weeks, and months if you like too sir.

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Not on social media either but as a NFW owner I am on their emails list so was able to check out the new Shumate version.
After exposure to my LED Solar watch winder for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon and early evening I wore the Shumate to bed and noted that 12 hours later it was still readable in a dark room. This is THE BEST lume paint performance I have ever noted. The watch write up on the NFW web site states that the lume paint is 50 layers of BGW9 and Swiss SuperLuminova. All I know is that it certainly works.
(y)(y)Oh nice, that has to be cool being on a brands email list like that. 馃槈
You get all of the breaking news, along with previews way ahead of the public.
Plus must feel an even better connection with the brand/brands as a result
too Astro. Very very cool !

Speaking of cool, that lume sounds just phenomenal from what you are
saying. Wow it must be electric in person ! 鈿○煂

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Actually the Lume is good enough so when fully charged it allowed dark adapted eyes to read the watch time in a dark room after almost 24 hours. Dim glow but still readable. I would say excellent performance considering that these eyes are 78 years old and both have had cataract operations.
Impressive in both respects sir. 馃弳馃弳 Oh, and by the way, you make a phenomenal
point about lume being dim after those 24 hours, and that actually being great as a
result of your eyes getting used to the dark. (y) Al ot of times we think lume has to
always be ultra bright. However, that's only at first, but later on we don't really need to have it be bright to read it. ..Really terrific insight there Astro !
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