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Hello, I am offering some of my handmade straps for your watches. All process are done with traditional methods, and I am specialized in Vintage straps.

I can make custom request straps for you, from length, width, thickness, edge style, stitching style, stitching color, and else. Just contact me directly here : [email protected] or Whatsapp : +62 812 2345 7777


Shipping Worldwide:
FedEx or EMS

Paypal, Western Union, Bank Transfer, or any other method you prefer

Notes :
All of the prices stated is without buckle. If you need any buckle, we can discuss via email since I have some models.

Please be noted that we can make it fit to almost any watch, so please mention your watch type to us ☺

Price for $119 USD

These series are made from a single piece of soft vegetable tanned leather with natural characteristics plastered with laser-engraved calligraphy inspired by 18th century calligraphy, a look that is flashy and appealing.

These pictures are tagged to give you idea of how the straps will look like in different colour. You can choose from this selection of colours below. Please do keep in mind that we can make it for any watches.

Please check back often because I will add new variants periodically. If you don't find any straps that you like above, or look for any other style and colour, simply contact us directly here : [email protected] or whatsapp me : +62 812 2345 7777 and we will help you recommend the best straps that suit your watch.

Your support means a lot for us :)

Thank you so much
1 - 9 of 9 Posts