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Hi All,
A few of you saw the initial rendering on my Facebook pagebut since I've now done 6 variations of what could be my next watch, I thought I'd post them up her for you guys to look at.

Again, I'm not trying to re-invent the wheel here, just thought a nice chrono would go well in the line up.

All Steel - E & F PVD Coated
Sapphire Crystal
Seiko YM12 Quartz Chrono movement
3 ATM WR - This isn't a divers watch, it'll survive washing the car / raining, but that's all I want it to survive
42 x 51 case with 36 dial
Applied steel markers and Deaumar name

I know they're nothing new, but I think that a good looking, well made, well priced watch is always worth making.

Which ones do you like, if any :) ?

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First time seeing these Tony ! :) Really do like the look of all of them to tell the truth.

However, the one in the middle there with the orange, light blue, and charcoal/black really is nice ! :eek: :smileyface_hand_cla

You're on a roll it looks like Tony. So cool seeing the plans for these new ones like this. Thank you very much !!!

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So, here's the final lineup for the Rapide.
Many people like different variants, so I've decided to offer 6. The "Stealth" PVD version has gone, as it's the only one that didn't get much love.
It's been replaced by a racing themed one now, which I like a lot as it's done in the old Rothmans Racing colours.

Here are the revised specs, yes, I've gone for the Mecha-Quartz movement:

All stainless steel construction - Version E is PVD coated
Slightly Domed Sapphire Crystal
Seiko VK63 Mecha-Quartz movement
10 ATM Water Resistance
42mm x 51mm case with 36mm dial
Applied steel markers with lume dot
Custom "H" link solid steel strap
Lugs - 22mm

Target price is £139.99 EU - £115.99 Outside EU - I think this is a great price for a chrono of these specs, with a custom case and bracelet.

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Ok, here is the REAL final lineup and specs. Hopefully be prototyped by April:

Final Specs:

42mm (without crown) Stainless Steel Case (PVD Coated for the all black version)

51mm Lug to Lug

22mm Lug width

36mm Face (inc Tachy)

Slighly domed sapphire crystal

Seiko VK63 Mecha Quartz movement

Custom solid "H" link bracelet

100m Water Resistance

Lume dot at all hour markers

Slightly tilted Tachymeter

Target EU price of £130 - Non EU £109
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