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Yup, definitely wish it wasn鈥檛 so much guys, but like Gary,
I am not actually going to be buying it. 馃槉 I am just giving
everyone the report, or news on it, not trying to get all of us
to pick one up. 馃槃

There is no doubt that the lineage of the watch, as well as
space theme must be lifting this price to out of this world
levels. 馃槷 馃槉 ..But we can still enjoy the pics I guess. (y)

Wow, honestly can鈥檛 get enough of the discussion everyone !
Thanks so so much for giving your two cents like this guys !!!

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Too bad you only get to see the true glory of the movement when the chronograph is running. :( Otherwise I'd have one.

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That is one drawback, you鈥檙e right sir. 馃槈

And I bet most people probably agree with you on this. (y)(y)
Have to thank you again for telling it like it is Forza !!!

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Seiko, Oris, and other well-respected brands are calling 5,000 model runs limited editions. It is what it is. Really, it is limited if they make 5,000 and stop.

These will end up down around $600 or less. Less if the buying public is saturated with the regular models and unwilling to buy a second.

Bulova waited too long on this. It should have followed closely behind the stainless and PVD models, or even come out before. What I see is a company getting better and better, but still a dollar short on this release. It just feels like it鈥檚 an afterthought. Sometimes that works. I鈥檇 rather see the design package figured out on the front end and a smooth, logical rollout. But again, at least Bulova continues to come back from the dead (my opinion).

I think Bulova鈥檚 trajectory is positive. Maybe a little conservative, but positive. We just have to be patient.

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Wow, I really think you knocked it out of the park with your view on Bulova
here RT ! 鈿攫煒塈 think a lot of the afterthought thing has to do with maybe
Citizen focusing mainly on Citizen itself. With Bulova kind of getting that
secondary attention. But Bulova still has been rolling out a lot of fantastic
watches recently that's for sure. And even though they may not be quite
as dynamic as we would like right now, I think they will continue to get
more exciting in the coming years. Which is cool to say. 馃榾

Oh and yes couldn't agree more on the limited edition thing, along with
pricing also. (y) 2000 watches doesn't sound to limited like you said.
Maybe 1000, but more around 500 sounds closer to limited, and then
would warrant such a price tag. ..And not even then right?! 馃槉

Man oh man, so cool hearing, or seeing what you had to say on this
one RT ! ..Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts !!!
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