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Hi all,

I had a really bad experience buying from Neil Worboys, also known as 'flame' on several watch forums.

He had an Omega Seamaster 300 big triangle watch for sale. He told me the watch is very good looking and showed me pictures to back it up. The hour markers are relumed on the watch, but is was not visible and done in a good manner according to him.

This was one of the pictures he send me.

Pretty good looking right? I do not really mind if the dial is relumed or not, as long as the watch looks good, so I paid him 3000 dollar for the watch.

I received the watch alright, but it does not look so great at all. It looks horrible to be honest! when you look right at it the watch looks alright, but when i slighty turn my wrist you can see a very bad paint job done on the hour markers which looks really cheap. It's hard to capture it in a picture and it's way worse than it looks in this picture and it affects all hour markers. But you can all see from this picture how awful and dirty it looks and how i have been cheated by Neil.

So upon arrival i contacted him and told him i was very unhappy with the watch and that i wanted to send it back to him. He told me he was not going to take it back and that i agreed on purchasing the watch from him in this state. now he's ignoring my messages ever since. I want to warn you about this guy, please do not make the same mistake i did and let him deceive you, do not buy from him.

His name is Neil Worboys and he's from Shoeburyness, Essex in the United Kingdom/England with email adress [email protected]
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