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Need help with a Zenith pocket watch

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Hi all together,
this is my first post and it starts with a question. I hope that is ok. Normally I am more interested in wristwatches. But now I got here a watch from the inheritance of my grandmother. It probably already belonged to her parents, so my great-grandparents.

It says Zenith on it and on the back is a woman. Next to it is "Summer" in French. Of course, I know Zenith from the wristwatches. Defy and El Primero make them.
Is this pocket watch from the same Zenith company? Or was there another one in the past? Is this watch something special, or is this rather watch junk that no one wants to have anymore?
Does anyone here know anything about it?

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Welcome to WF Storm5 ! 😀

Cool name there by the way. 😎 And soeaking of cool, this pocket watch
is extraordinary looking to tell you the truth. Just seeing the case, as well
as work they did with the engraving is breathtaking. It’s like a piece of art
even before we look at the dial, or even the movement itself. But having
said that, I am no expert on Zenith, or pocket watches. So I am not sure
if it is indeed a genuine Zenith. I just know that it looks terrific. 🙂

Maybe someone else will be able to give you a definitive answer to your
questions though. So keep an eye out here for any other responses. But
until then, I hope you can enjoy this beautiful pocket watch !
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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