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My Winders "runneth over" . . .

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I think I'm finally done with my quartz experiment. :lol

I traditionally buy mechanical/automatics, but have been buying quartz watches over the past 2 years . . . just to give them a try.

This has reconfirmed my preference for mechanical automatics. :pk

To that end . . . a recent flurry of trades has led me to this . . . my winders are now Full! Now I wish I would have saved a few more of Lior's single slot winders. Well, to tell the truth . . . I wish I would have bought a 2nd 6-slot winder when they were $199, last year! :eek:

. . . and I only have 3 quartz watches left . . .

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LOL Bro! I had to give up on winders a LOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG time ago. Just too many to worry about. They sit in the watch cases until they are put into action, LOL. Very nice settup you have goin there Rick. Love it. Great time pieces as well !!!!
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