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My Winders "runneth over" . . .

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I think I'm finally done with my quartz experiment. :lol

I traditionally buy mechanical/automatics, but have been buying quartz watches over the past 2 years . . . just to give them a try.

This has reconfirmed my preference for mechanical automatics. :pk

To that end . . . a recent flurry of trades has led me to this . . . my winders are now Full! Now I wish I would have saved a few more of Lior's single slot winders. Well, to tell the truth . . . I wish I would have bought a 2nd 6-slot winder when they were $199, last year! :eek:

. . . and I only have 3 quartz watches left . . .

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Great looking set up Rick, but it is a lossing battle. I have a pair of 8's stil running and 6 singles and still have a bunch not on the winders. Better just get the thumb ready once a month my friend :)

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