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On 9/11/01, I spent the better part of the morning a couple of blocks away from the WTC.

Saturday was a very emotional day for me.

I decided to do something nice for a kid I love a great deal - my nephew who just turned 13.

I showed him my 12 slot watch box and explained that I needed to open up a spot in the box fir a watch that is coming in from service.

Asked him if he’d “help” me by taking one off of my hands. The watch we “agreed” upon was my Islander ISL01. We spent some time talking about watches and automatic movements and changing straps. We ultimately decided on a nice dark brown leather strap and I sent him home with some tools and spring bars and a few nato straps.

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Honestly just love this ! :) Thanks so much for sharing the
story GF !!!

I often think about how we can others into watches honestly.
But really the easiest way is to pass not only them, along with
our passion, and enjoyment of them on to them. 😉😀 It just
is THE best to hear GF, and especially after such an emotional
weekend too. ..Well done sir ! Let’s hope he really enjoys this
beauty, and maybe you sparked a real enjoyment of a new
hobby for him.

One that you maybe both could share. (y)(y)
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