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My Latest Acquisition

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Here are pics of the clasp. As you can see there are 2 buttons for the clasp. The button on the left is to open/close clasp...

This is what it looks like after you put it on your wrist...

This pic shows with the left/top button when you open...

This pic shows when the clasp is open and when you push the right/bottom button to open, which gives you extra room if you want to wear it over your wetsuit or you coat...

When you use this feature you have micro adjustments on how much you want to extend, a nice feature I have yet to see on other divers.

This is a definite Must Have for any diver collection.
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that entire bracelet is just awesome and really awesome.

My Sector 600 Chrono I had about 4 years ago that same adjustment feature on the clasp that allowed you to make it instantly larger or smaller. I love that feature and think many more watches should use it.
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That is one cool looking clasp and bracelet. I may have to add this watch to my list. How much more does the 2824-2 cost?
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The 2824-2 has not been released yet, but price will be $640 for brushed stainless and $690 for PVD.
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