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My first trigger of 2016. Happy New Year Y'all !

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Gotta hurry up and wait now but I've been wanting this since before the turbine bezel news which made it a bit more enticing to me. I would've pull trigger with any bezel and this color combo.

Sapphire blue/orange flashlight bezel, ratchet clasp, I mean, what more can I ask for at this price range ?

I saw some early prototype pics on Facebook and it's looking good !

You don't see the blue/orange Prometheus Poseidon pop up for sale on the forums and that can only be for a good reason. It also made me not want to wait til they ship and miss out if no one sells this color combo.

Thanks for viewing and joining me while I wait :)

Happy New Year !
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I notice you are from the "left coast" so this doesn't really apply to you but these are the NY Met team colors and sure to be a big hit in the Big Apple!
Yeah, thank you ! I got a buddy of mine that's a huge Broncos fan so he loves the blue/orange combos. I love sports but I don't have my own team. I just love redemption, comeback and Cinderella stories mainly. Like when Favre and Manning were kicked out, I wanted them to win. I kinda wanted the Cubs to fulfill the Back to the Future prophecy last year, would've been really cool if they won the World Series like on the movie :)
Congrats Luis! I have the same model on pre-order as well as the gray dial/black bezel version. You are right - the specs are AMAZING for the price. That blue/orange combo just pops. Now the wait!
Thank you ! And big congrats on those two ! It feels like they could've asked for $100-200 more, easily, but I'm thankful they didn't. Can't wait to see what the grey one looks like.
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