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Watch Freek
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Very cool collection! I like the Omega Constellations. Napolian Solo used to wear one in The Man From Uncle.


Oris Freek
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The all gold Omega looks like it walked straight out of Goldfinger.:cool: Nice acquisition. The whole collection is brilliant. Welcome to the forum. :)

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Welcome to WF.

A lovely collection you have acquired there and all look in good shape too. Nice to see

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Yowzers, that is something to see Timemachines ! :D

Have to both thank you, and welcome you to WF ! 馃榾;)
What a treat seeing all of these like this, and just getting
a feel of the types of watches you like. (y)(y)

Boy oh boy, they are are outstanding, and you must be
proud of each, and every one. Just the Omegas are out
of this world. However, the Hamiltons, Gevrils, and Lod
Elgin are all extraordinary too ! 馃槷

Want to thank you for posting all of these up for us, and
of course for being here also. Welcome once again !!!

Marine Tunnel Rat
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An outstanding collection of dress watches, simply outstanding!
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