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[align=center]My Computer Bytes Forum Rules/Guidelines: [/align]
My Computer Bytes Moderator
: maui_freek

The usual legalese:

Watch Freeks and Watch Freeks members assume no responsibility or liability for the views, opinions, or suggestions posted in this forum and do not attest to the validity or correctness of information contained herein.

No one associated with Watch Freeks or the Watch Freeks forum is responsible for any damage to your computer system or information lost. All advice offered is offered as “Attempt at your own risk” information.
All normal Watch Freeks site rules and guidelines apply in this section as well as the information presented here.

These rules apply to all of the sub forums in the My Computer Bytes section of the forum.

Now that that’s out of the way
This Forum is offered under the premise that: There is no such thing as a dumb question, only the dumb problems caused by not asking! This forum is a safe place to share what you know, ask about what you don’t know, and learn about things you don’t know you don’t know. In the words of Jacques Cousteau “Far from having the answers, we have yet to ask the questions”.

No one was born with inherent computer knowledge;we were all new at this at one time.This forum is open to all fellow Freeks to ask about any personal computer related issues. The Forum also encourages fellow Freeks members to answer anything they feel comfortable answering. If you think you have an answer based on your own experience and knowledge take a stab at it - the moderator doesn't claim to know alland if there is something to add – add it. If the moderator feels that there is an answer posted which requires correction or further information, it will be done in the most respectful manner possible either by PM, or non-accusatory general post. If Your post does not fit in any of the sub forums feel free to start a new thread in the main computer section. Just a few things to keep in mind:

What the forum is:
A safe place to seek and share information, for any computer problem or inquiry,where all questions and answers will be treated with respect, compassion, and understanding in the true spirit of Watch Freeks.

A starting point for technical help. In extreme cases, remote diagnostics and repair may be called for.

A place to have fun , increase our knowledge, and make things better for our fellow members

A place that is free from the following:
- "fanboys" professing one brand is better than another,
- proselytizers who are trying to show-off to others
- braggarts who feel the need to impress others with their real or imagined technology superiority.

What the forum is NOT
A place to get into the childish arguments that plague so many other on-line computer forums. To paraphrase " A pear is not better or worse than an apricot; different yes, better or worse, No". You get the idea.

A place to engagein personal attacks, name calling, or any denigration of others

A place to engage or attempt to engage in any commercial activities for goods, services or promotions.
Anyone violating these guidelines will be subject to being ignored, banished, or ostracized.
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