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Our team spent last 9 months on our passion project and want to update you on our passion project-Apollo Watch. We will launch the campaign on on Sep 28th.

And we will share the link with you right after we launch it. Go to and find out more!

Here are some highlights of our watch you can share with your family, friends and your connections.

First Bubble Effect Regulator Watch

YES! Bubble effect! As you can see below, the watch has both dome glass cover the front and back. Our team spent a lot of time to explore and did the experiments. We thought to give up but we are glad that we did not. We selected this material to ensure that the casing was heavy-duty and that any smudges are hardly visible on Apollo.

Unique Dial Design Inspired by Space

The dial is a map of the northern sky and the degree sub-dial transforms Apollo into a useful tool. Apollo’s date window is on the 2 o’clock spot, unique in the regulator watch family. The 12 different stars that indicate the hours and the see through date are only few details that make Apollo unique.

Last but not least, our price is amazing!

Start from $199! Apollo offers a early bird price at $199. Go to and find out more!

It will be great that you can write some reviews on the time bum.

You can download all images here:

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1. Not intuitive or quick to read time.

2. Crown has no grip and rounded.

3. What's the benefit of having a domed case back, is it just to be unique?

4. Poor choice of a watch for athletic activities such as track workout as shown in the Dubai shoot album. Leather strap for workout activity, nope. That will stink the leather strap quickly and it will just be gross and unsanitary for the evening dinner outing. Auto theme complete with driving gloves suits chrono watches better.

5. It will be novelty piece for me and it will not be a good choice for everyday wear. Simply not versatile enough.

6. Sorry, think I'll pass.

7. That's my take but I'm sure there are others that will find this piece unique and very interesting. Surely someone will love it, a hipster perhaps.

8. Best regards and thanks for sharing.
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