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Monday 01/04- OTV S1 Excursion

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Pulled the trigger on today'sOTV!

Purchased the Goldtone/Blue, The Goldtone/Champagne & The Silvertone/Green! :b

I know.. I know... :pic

Picture will have to wait until they arrive.. Sorry about that.. :)

My only saving grace was that I had a coupon to apply to this order.

Funny thing is, I've had this coupon for sometime and needed to use it by January 31st.

This coupon makes this purchase even...


I know that the Excursions aren't for everyone, but this particlaur model is one of my favorites! :)
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Congrats, thats a nice haul for one show!!!

I personally didnt pull the trigger on this OTV even though a great price, none of the executions did anything for me!
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I have the origional blue face and you will love it, congrats.
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I would have snagged the yellow dial if I hadn't ordered the olive dial last week. I really wanted that one so I think I'll pass for now.
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My wife has the S-1 SS Green Face and Gold and she sayed if Eyal would have made this one in that color combo, she would have grabbed it, picky, picky !!!!!!!!
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Damn Chuck, Christmas in January?? Congrats, great looking watches

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Thanks, Everyone!

I just couldn't pass up these latest deals on the OTV Excursion!

Oh, but trust me...

This last purchase??

DID IT! :madd

Deals are going to come and go,but..

ChuckWILL be remaining in the NBZ... :wf

For an indefinate time period! :c:%:c
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I got the Gold/Champagne;will have it 2nd day air on Wednesday...can't wait.....


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Congrats, to you dctex99!

I just can't wait until mine arrive!

If you can, posts some pics of your new addition, when it arrives!

Congrats, Again! :b
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I'm really diggin' that variation DC. Congrats on that pick up; can't wait to see the pics.
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Congrats!! You guys. Those look like cool watches. I look forward to your pics and your reviews.
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