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In this month's Men's Health they have a page for timeless watches (page 12 of the style side of the magazine). Here are the watches they list and info. They purposely showed a wide range of price points. What do you think about the watches they displayed?

One way to simplify is to take items out of rotation. But when you consolidate your stable of watches, remember that the modern gentleman always needs at least two. "A bulky chronograph is fine to wear with active and casual looks," says Robert Bryan, a style expert and the author of American Fashion Menswear. "Anything dressier demands a simpler, sleeker, ore elegant style." The classics below are sure to stand the test of time.

Festina - I could not find a pic online of the watch shown in the article

ESQ by Movado Harrison

Tag Heuer Carrera Automatic

Oris Classic Date

IWC Portuguese Chrono-Automatic

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