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Single Hand Watches

Less is more. The concept of the MeisterSinger single-hand watch consequently continues the age-old development of measuring time.The watches dispense with superfluous decoration and even omit one of the two hands. Such reduction to the minimum gives these watches an unparalleled clarity of appearance. Thanks to the accurate single hand and the precision of the numerals on the dial, there need be no fear of anyone missing their train. It is easy to read the time to five-minute precision anyway, it is always better to arrive at the station five minutes before the train leaves.

The twelve-hour dial is divided by 144 markers. Each marker represents 5 minutes. It is 10 past 10 on the watch shown. The 15-minute, 30-minute and the hour marker are increasingly bolder and in combination with the distinctive pointed hand make it easy to read the time. You will note that, this works perfectly well in our everyday life. We learn how to be more relaxed in the handling of time.


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Incoming Meistersinger Perigraph

I just had my dealer in Holland tell me my new Meistersinger Perigraph 38mm anthracite is on the way!

Should be here soon, so on-wrist pics to come

@ Moderators - is there a spot to sing the praises of overseas dealers?


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