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Mathey-Tissot x Masssena LAB Mergulhador Skin Diver

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Did everyone have a chance to see the Mathey-Tissot x Massena LAB
Mergulhador Skin Diver?

The watch takes you back to 1970 with it's overall feel and will have details
like a 41mm case, bidirectional rotating bezel, eye-catching amber dial with
neat markers and hands, Sellita SW-200, two different straps, and more.

Mathey-Tissot x Massena LAB Mergulhador Skin Diver
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I love this watch. Even though I hate sellita.
It’s beautiful right Sir Lawyer Aidroos?! :)

The dial is what really gets me. (y)It’s a great snap shot of how
great so many of the dials were years ago. With all of these nice
chameleon-like colors that you just don’t see every day. Add to
that the sleek case, understated, yet very cool bezel, nice strap
and everything and you have a winner.

Sorry you don’t care for Sellita though LA. 😊 But thanks a lot
for joining, or rather starting the conversation !!! 😉
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Nice one! Aquastar will be releasing their Model 60 again, it’s on pre-order now and also a skindiver. 37mm case with a La Joux Perret movement. US $990.
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I like this, they did a nice job.
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I am with you Frans, and Trip, these are pretty fantastic. :D

Oh and that Aquastar sounds almost like it could be it's twin brother by
the way Frans, thanks a lot for the info !!! (y)(y) I love the cases with the
skin divers. They are so sleek and streamlined, and then you get an out
of this world dial like this some times too. o_O

Thanks so so much for giving your two cents Frans and Trip !!!
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