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dedward wrote:
Seiko has, for the most part, crap bracelets on their dive watches.The endlinks rattle, the links are a pita to work on and the standard deployant is cheezy.But Seiko makes another one for their higher end dive watches.Its on the sbdd001 airdiver and other prospex marine masters.Its the on the fly adjustable extension.

here it is closed. looks normal.

these use a dual push lock, and a flip lock to secure the deployant.looks like standard fare.

but is it? the flip lock is actually spring loaded.push it alittle farther, and the extender starts to deploy.

You can even open the deployant while the extender is out.

While this is on your wrist, and your wrist starts to swell, you can use your thumb on the flip lock to let out the extender. its on the fly adjustment.

while on the wrist, to close it, just put some mild pressure to ratchets closed, one click at a time or all at once. Totally user friendly.

Somehow, mine got buggered up. I called seiko for a replacement.Wow.sticker shock.its a 600 buck item.But Seiya Japan sells one in ss.He has a 22mm bracelet with this deployant.It also has solid straight endlinks, plus, instead of the pins and barrels, it uses screws.100 bucks, shipped.
Very good to know. I had my nightmare last week trying to size the Monster bracelet. Luckily I was able to finally get it sized correctly, but WOW what a pain in the keaster.

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Another great review, Dedward! I bought my first sk009 and AMAZINGLY, the bracelet is WAY worse than the Monster's... It makes a $40 Invicta ProDiver bracelet look like a masterpiece! It's literally the WORST bracelet I own.

That one might be the BEST one, if I buy it. I'm gonna check it out, Thanks!

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