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A new promotion from Magrette:



Our 50/50 Payment Promo Plan; easy purchasing with Interest free finance

A first in the online watch industry, Margette offers you the flexibility of breaking one payment into two.
You can get what you want today by making one payment of 50% of your total purchase now and then pay the balance in 6 months time.

Whatever Magrette you're buying, our simple 0% Interest 50/50 promo plan makes purchasing today more convenient. Please read below for more information.

Promo ends on the 10th of October.

You don't need to make any payment during the promotional period, however, you can make payments at any time.


Interest and payments are payable after the interest free and payment deferred period.

Interest and payments are payable on any outstanding balance after the plan expires.

This does not apply to engraved watches or accessories.

This does not apply to pre-order models

Payment must be made through PayPal

Only applies to the United States, Australia, United Kingdom and Canada

To apply; reply to this email and state the model you are interested in purchasing. We expect to be able to accept or decline within 3 business days.

Magrette reserves the right to decline at our discretion.

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