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Louis Moinet

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Both sites are very very nice and show some incredible watches.

Amazing main site -

North America site -

We are a small, family-owned watchmaker producing less than 1000 timepieces annually worldwide. As a result, our timepieces are available in only a small number of the finest retailers around the country meeting our strict criteria for service and integrity.

We have a thread here already about a specific model -

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Thanks for the information, James.I did notice the prices,Wow! ....Bob
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They do have some nice Timepieces don't they. I love the Cotes de Jura engraving they invented for their movements and dials.
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These are stunning! I could get lost in these . . . just staring at them and watching them run. :)

Thanks for the link!
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way way .... way out of my league of price.
i admit to loving the look of some of those watches but just do not see any way i will ever be able to own a watch like that, or ever almost like that, lol
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