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First off sir, a GIANT congratulations on your son鈥檚 wedding coming up !! 馃榾馃巶

I know it will be an unforgettable day for everyone, and I love how you
are looking for a special watch like this. 馃槈馃槑 ..Actually each of these
watches would be great, or work perfectly. It鈥檚 really a matter of what
is your favorite among them. Also, would you like something different
brand, or company wise? Or is it the design that calls to you?

I know that you enjoy Orient, and the Orient Star Auto looks incredible
in that hypnotic blue. 馃槻 So that gets a thumbs up without a doubt, but
the Revue Thommen really is gorgeous as well, and ALSO gets a thumbs
up. So what I have perhaps done here is confuse you more Gary. 馃槃

Might it be possible to wear both? Or get both just to make sure you
have both of these beauties? 馃槉

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Really any ONE of the ones you already have, or are showing would
fit the bill Gary. 馃槑 On top of that, the ones everyone鈥檚 showing are
wonderful options. (y)(y) However, if your better half likes that cool
Mathey-Tissot, maybe that鈥檚 the way to go. 馃槈

But, just to add to the blue dial brigade for you sir, I tracked a few
more down for fun for you:


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I saw some of those, but not all in my searching. For this watch, my vision is no date complications, and no Arabic numerals. Either Roman numerals, or just the indices.
That is nice looking, but I feel like the bezel makes it look more like a sports/dive watch than a dress watch. It's the same feeling I get from the 3rd Tissot and one of the Certina's Atomic Tom shared. Thank you for sharing, all of these posts are helping me "crystallize" my thinking.

(y) Understood sir, at least you鈥檒l have these nice blue dialed watches
here for you in the thread to always look at in the future. But yeah, the
ones which originally called to you are really tough to beat. 馃槈馃槑

Thank YOU just for thinking to ask for our input Gary !!!

Looking forward to seeing what you end up going with.

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You know what鈥檚 amazing too Gary? 馃槸 Is that we are actually only
starting to scratch the surface when it comes to all of the blue dialed
watches out there right?! It鈥檚 crazy actually. ..Blue might be one of
the most loved dial colors. Plus all of the different blues they have
are mesmerizing as well. 馃檪

It鈥檚 a really fun dial search to be on sir.

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Alright this is just THE best Gary ! 馃弳馃:D

Can鈥檛 even put into words how nice it is to see all of this like
this. It鈥檚 easy to see that this was a spectacular day which
was had by all. (y)(y) Everybody looks like they were having
just an absolute blast in the pictures. ..And it kind of feels like
we were right there with you in spirit through those outstanding
watches sir.

Honestly cannot thank you enough for sharing these pictures
with us from that wonderful day, or days actually !!

A BIG BIG congratulations to everyone !!! 馃巶

Excellent job going with the Mathey-Tissot too by the way.
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