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Which one would you choose?

  • Sinn U1

    Votes: 18 47.4%
  • Seiko Marine Master 300

    Votes: 12 31.6%
  • Oris Aquis Chrono

    Votes: 8 21.1%

Let's try a watch battle

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Ok I'm stumped. Which would you choose.

Sinn U1

Seiko marine master

Oris aquis chrono

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Very tough choice for me between the U1 and Mm300 even with having owned both.
MM exudes quality and and is stunning while not being flashy. Awesome case. But it's too tall for its size and top heavy IMHO. The bracelet sucks and seems o be an afterthought and it looks odd on most straps due to the narrow 20mm lug distance vs overall watch bulk.
The U1 is also solid yet doesn't ooze quality and high end finish like the MM. The Lego hands get tiring though they provide a bit more fun from an aesthetic perspective. It wears much better. Fits like a glove. Sits flat and hugs the wrist. Also. More strap friendly with 22mm lugs and better proportions.

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1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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