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Well that is one outstanding collection Wiggles ! 馃槷馃樀馃弳馃
Have to thank you for coming up with such a fun thread, as
well as giving us a look at those lookers !!!

Actually any ONE of those sections would be a collection for a lot
of people. Boy oh boy, you really have put together an exceptional
family of phenoms. :D:):cool: And I love how you have all the bases
covered too with the types of watches within your collection too. ;)
From the classic, as well as elegant, to the supercharged, along
with exciting, you have it all. A+++ in every single way ! ..Thanks
so very very much for coming up with the topic, as well as giving
us a glimpse of these wonders !!!

P.S. I really need to get one of these nice cases to store my
watches. 馃槉 I literally have to take my watches from individual
boxes, or put them back when I'm done wearing them. It's pretty
embarrassing to be completely honest.

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Dubya, that collection鈥檚 not modest, it鈥檚 magnificent ! :Do_O
Seriously, it looks like James Bond鈥檚 Collection to be
completely honest with you. :cool: And True, what a cool
extra ingenious idea with the 鈥榃inter鈥 line-up there. 鉂勷煄
They actually work for any season actually. ..Awesome ! ;)

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Here's my budget friendly collection.... I never buy a watch that I would be afraid to damage or lose, and I wear them all the time in all situations. More fun than valuable!
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I love the way you think Dennis ! (y)(y)馃弳馃:D

And have to say that your collection is simply spectacular !!!
I mean the watches you have are all exceptional, and to me
they look like a million $ ! ;) Yowza, and the sheer smount
of watches you have is epic too sir. Holy cowza !
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