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LE Blue Baby Tuna is coming home soon

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It'll be an easy flip if I don't love it but I'm hoping I do.

SRP453 with Titanium Shroud (Not Yobokies SS)
Also will come with the SRP227 bracelet, original blue rubber and blue shroud.

Whether I keep or not, this SRP637 is next. I've taken too many detours. Especially after I tried it on at the store and no wristshots I've seen on google or FB do it justice. Wears a bit smaller than my 46mm Juggernaut 2 due to the lug to lug but it's actually 47.5mm according to specs. It's also a bit slimmer.

If you can check out some Tunas in a mall near you, do it !

Also tried this one on and was blown away by its beauty and design. Loved the ceramic shroud. The strap was very special on softness. It is just huge though. If you love big watches and are itching for a Seiko, that's it right there.


Or this one, like Mesh Guy's. Wow. They didn't have it available to try on but I'm a big fan. The blue ceramic shroud puts it over the top.


Both of them wear like a 48mm, IMO, but specs say 52mm

Took these pics that day at the mall

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Thank you very much, fellas!

That 453 is gorgeous.
Took your very good advice and a 637 is on its way here now, Luis.
That makes my day. Can't wait to see pics and your first impressions. I'm guessing you have a huge 22mm strapology for it. Very happy that you're getting one. It's such a perfect watch, to my eyes.
Love that blue. Is this a current model for sale? And anyone know where these might be viewable in Toronto? I've been to a lot of Seiko shops and they don't have any??
Thank you. If you mean the SRP453 of the first pic, they are limited edition and came with a blue shroud. They are sold out and can be found in the preowned market. I helped my buddy but this one on another forum. Then I helped him get the shroud from same forum on the parts and accessories and I sold him my SRP227 bracelet after the person I traded it to didn't want it.

If you're referring to the bigger blue Tuna, that one is readily available online right now on eBay and I'm sure Amazon and many more places. I would check your local mall. I went to Modesto mall here in CA and one store had it. It wasn't a Seiko store, just a small watch store with many brands. Maybe you can check Seiko website for a store locator near you.

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