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Not sure if everyone heard about this, or these rather.

It looks as though La Joux-Perret has three movements that
are alternatives to ETA movements everyone. They include
the 24 jewel G100 with it’s 68 hr. power reserve. Which is like
the ETA 2824, and Sellita SW200-1. The 26 jewel L100 with
it’s 60 hr. power reserve. Which is similar to the ETA Valjoux
7750, along with Sellita SW500. Last but not least, you have
the 26 jewel D100, an automatic hand-winding movement
with 60 hr. power reserve, that’s like the ETA Peseux 7001.




Caught this over at Monochrome Watches...

News - La Joux-Perret G100 and L100 Movements Explained

La Joux-Perret also everybody...

La Chaux-de-Fonds - Suisse | Manufacture La Joux-Perret

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I can’t read up on these yet, but I’m excited. I’m happy for Citizen, but also not going to lie happy Swatch continues to shoot themselves in the foot with their arrogance. Very one said this would happen, except Swatch. lol, gotta laugh.

It’s going to be fun trying to find out what people experience with these new movements. I hope Citizen kills it with these.

What’s funny to me, is these have higher power reserves, without being cheesy losers who just reduce the beat rate, like “hey let’s just suck at everything” Swatch. Haha. Funny stuff. Swatch will rightfully end up a prestigious laughing stock by the masses, not just me.

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Yeah, it’s something how good these movements actually are, or will
be in the case of the D100. (y) As you said above Rob, these actually
have more impressive power reserves. Which has to be attractive for,
or to a lot of people. And in general they seem just as nice as their
ETA counterparts.

The more the merrier as they say right?! :)

In all honesty I think a lot of us have wanted to see more options
when it comes to movement choices. I mean many many years
ago I guess there were a lot of different movements along with
movement manufacturers. But nowadays it seems like we see
only a few brands having their movements being used in watches
for the most part. So these new movements should spice things
up a little. (Variety is the spice of life). ;)

Can’t thank you enough for joining in on the conversation sir !!!
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