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Ok so heres where it gets weird...So last night I was at the KISS/Buckcherry concert at United center thanks to Stevie D guitarist for Buckcherry. So we watch their set which was killer. Then watched some KISS before heading backstage to the dressing room to hang out a bit with Stevie and his band Buckcherry. First thing that comes up, I kid you not....He grabs my wrist looks at my SAN 7750 Rose and Black, then brings over the other guitar player and process to get into a 30 minute chat about watches......LOL

These guys were wearing a Panerai and a RXW Marine Miltaire. So we went on and on about watches for a while etc and it was amazing how much they both know about watches!! I mentioned my Anonimo and now they will have another one to buy! So long story short, had a great time, made some good friends...and now another friend to trade/sell/watches with!!! Heres some pics and Videos from what was a killer time...too many pics etc to load so heres a few.

BuckCherry On Stage:

Me and Stevie D in the dressing room:



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