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Just in: A couple Suigeneric waxed canvas straps.

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Been meaning to check these out for a while (since they first popped up in 2013), and finally ordered a pair a few days ago. They are made of waxed canvas with a number of designer (i.e. funky) patterns. The styling a are not for everyone, and the two I picked are probably some of the more conservative styles they have.

They seem very well made, and I love the feeling of the waxed canvas. They are a pretty standard 3 ring NATO design, although they might be a bit short for those with bigger wrists. My wrist is a little over 7 1/2" and the leftover strap barely sticks out past the second ring/keeper. With a bigger wrist I'm not sure the end of the strap would extend long enough to tuck under the keepers. I'll do some proper measurements later to give a better idea.

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Pretty funky but cool

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