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Raymond Weil(s), Seiko(s) and micro brands.
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Sir Ronit,

THIS is the First time, I am coming across this brand, and by the demand on chronos24, they are fairly in the category of entry level luxury watches. However I do not know the msrp, and as such I cannot comment on their quality. Just because something is made in Germany, doesn't mean its top notch.

In regards to your question, you already know the answer. Quality is low, and warranty is available at Germany, so mail it out and await a refurbishment.

Thier automatic watches feature a nice workhorse Sellita SW 200. I have this and ETA2824 in many of my entry level luxury deemed Raymond Weil watches. So far no issues, apart from the damage I cause messing around.

Tissot, and Rhonda quartz are very cheap, some even go for 2.20 USD/unit in bulk. That's a good and bad thing. It's cheaper to replace if anything goes wrong, saves the cost to visit a jeweller, however longevity doesn't come at this cheap tag.

You be the judge.
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