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Ooh neat Frans, a BIG Baltany congrats ahead of time here !!! 馃槈

Honestly, this has to be one of the nicest as well as coolest of homages I
have seen, and really it seems to tick all of the boxes vintage, and Dirty
Dozen wise. 馃槑馃榾You have the wonderful dial with those great looking
cathedral hands, as well as beautiful numbering and sub-dial, but you also
have this gorgeous case. And wow, is it me?! Or is that look like it is bead
blasted or Titanium? 馃く..So you have the classic size, as well as design,
but it seems to be kicked up modern finishing wise. ..Yowza, it is sharp sir ! 馃槈

This is going to be another home run I believe, and I think you are going
to like it beyond belief honestly. I mean between the watch it pays tribute
to, and the genuine top notch quality for the price, how can you go wrong?!
Answer, you can't, or didn't Frans ! (y)(y)

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Thank you for your kind words Tom. It came to $187 including import tax. Whist this not an insignificant amount I wonder again how they are able to pull this off (shipping is included). This may become my 'daily beater' so to speak. And perhaps a conversation starter although I live in a watch desert as of lately, Less and less people wear watches these days. It's either a smart watch, no watch or a Rolex :)
You are of course very very welcome ! (y)(y)

Yes, it is amazing how much you are getting here for the money sir. 馃弳
Because so many watches seem to be lacking in the bang for the buck
department nowadays. With even homages like this being two to three
times as much, so this one really is exceptional in multiple ways really. :D
It definitely will be a beautiful beater as well as conversation piece !

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I have to agree with #four above Frans, 36mm looks great ! 馃槑馃榾

A lot of times when we hear vintage, we think small case sizes, but really
it's only a few millimeters under what most people are used to. ..So it is
hardly noticeable when all is said and done, and in fact will fit the wrist
even better than more modern sizes. Because back when these vintage
wrist watch styles were dreamed up they had comfort in mind and kind
of had it figured out perfectly. 馃槈To the point where watches would and
in this case really do fit like a glove. There's no protruding upwards or
even outwards and the watch probably feels terrific as a result.

I love just the whole look of the watch, as well as how your strap you
got works with those beautiful hands as well as accented markers and
markings ! ..Boy oh boy, this is another pick-up to be proud of Frans.
Really proud of ! ..A CRAZY COOL congratulations to you there !!!

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It鈥檚 hard to imagine that not too long ago, watches grew ever larger in size. And most makers jumped on board with that. It became a fashion statement. Now the reverse is happening because those same makers have started to reproduce the watches from their back catalogue. Back to this Baltany. The watch is very plain, just like the originals were intended. Bead blasted case and crown and the crystal is not overly domed, it does look like a plexiglass crystal. I have ordered another strap, in olive drab. The only drawback is that the movement is non-hackable. Perhaps the originals were like that but I don鈥檛 know this yet.

Frans, you literally explained the whole large watch cycle in
which we have been in for the last couple decades in just a
few sentences. 馃榾馃槑 And on your Baltany, I think you are
right on about these watches having nice subdued modest
personalities. 馃檪 It definitely reflects their forefathers.馃槈
From the all around style, to your strap choices, it looks like
a NOS vintage beauty that was found in the Longines vault. 馃く

Yowza, I hope that you keep on enjoying !
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