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ISA Replacement Movement Swiss Army

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My Swiss Army has an ISA1198 movement in it.

I checked for a replacement for it BUT the 1198 I looked at does not have a date.This is an 11 1/2 round movement.

It is 3.25mm thickand the other one that doeshave a date is 3.70mm thick. Thats too thick because the winding

stem will not line up. Anyone have one that will workor a different number.

The movement says: ISA1198. One jewel, AV SEMAG SWISS, 2169/50 and 8 39 08

Sure would like some help with this one. Has me scratching my head.

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I do apprreciate your answer and yes still scratching. I have looked for more numbers but did not find anything else other than what I listed. I did try your search ideabut came up with nothing new. Hard to beleive that with as many of these watches out there it would be that difficult to find a movement that would work. That mens officers watch is really popular. I am still digging. Thx
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