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ISA Replacement Movement Swiss Army

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My Swiss Army has an ISA1198 movement in it.

I checked for a replacement for it BUT the 1198 I looked at does not have a date.This is an 11 1/2 round movement.

It is 3.25mm thickand the other one that doeshave a date is 3.70mm thick. Thats too thick because the winding

stem will not line up. Anyone have one that will workor a different number.

The movement says: ISA1198. One jewel, AV SEMAG SWISS, 2169/50 and 8 39 08

Sure would like some help with this one. Has me scratching my head.

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I found this post at another forum. It may help

Overall movement height shouldn't be an issue, but stem height might be. I believe the stem height for the 2824-2 is 1.8mm. Stem height is the distance from the center of the stem to the dial. why is this important? Having the wrong stem height means the stem won't align properly with the case tube causing the stem to flex and possibly fatigue. I never understood how manufacturers of watch cases advertise their case works with both 2824-2 and 2836-2. The stems heights are 1.8mm vs. 2.25mm. The ISA 1198 non date (1198/101) stem height is 1.75 so that is on par with the 2824-2 at 1.8mm. The ISA 1198 with date (1198/103) stem height is 2.2mm equal to the 2836-2. Whenever you add a complication such as date, day or moon phase, you add to the stem height. The more you add, the greater the stem height. Maybe the difference between 1.8 and 2.25 isn't enough to cause a problem and both the 2824 and 2836 will fit fine in the same case.

Regarding which ISA to purchase, do you want a date? Not sure why ofrei is not using standard ISA number system.
ISA 1198/101 = 1198/12 non date
ISA 1198/103 = 1198/32 date at 3

You can read the thread here
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