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Is this ulysse real?

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Someone is trying to sell this watch and I just wanted to know if it's fake or not, he claims its real.


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Can't tell if you guys are serious or not, please give me a straight answer asap, thank you
Welcome our our fine forum! I missed your introduction but that is perhaps my oversight.

I'll try to explain. First, if you DEMAND an answer you are out of luck because you will not get it. Second, from a very sketchy picture it is impossible to determine the authenticity of a watch. Third, if you have to ask (and I know that sounds condescending) the watch in question is in many, if not all cases, a fake. Fourth and last, if you are a member longer than a couple of days and start to feel your way around you will notice that questions like yours ("is it real?") pop up very, very often. After is has been answered the OP almost always vanishes into thin air. And that is not the purpose of this site. We gather here because we are watch enthusiasts and like to discuss anything and everything about watches and life in general. Not to answer "is it real?" questions after being shown a blurry picture of a watch. If that sounds harsh I apologise but I still stand 100% behind it.

I cannot answer your question, only make a wild guess. Without decent paperwork, a solid seller with a good history and other details in cases like yours my first assumption is: it is a fake. But I'm by no means, not even close, an expert.
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