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Is my Glycine Pre-Invicta?

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I am trying to figure out if my Glycine Airman Airfighter is pre-Invicta. It has the "winged" logo which, based on my internet searches, was initiated by the pre-Invicta company but was changed after Invicta took over because of the Armani lawsuit. My watch has the winged logo. Is there anyway to tell, perhaps based on the model number, if my watch is pre-Invicta?

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From what little I've learned, the logo has nothing to do with pre or post Invicta and Invicta took over Glycine in 2016. I would think interpretation of the watch serial# might be your best bet to answering your question but I'm sure there are others on here who know far more than I do about this. To me the important thing is that Glycine quality is fantastic regardless of whether the watch is pre or post Invicta!
It is most definitely a quality timepiece. It's just that I see the expression "pre-Invicta" all the time, and I feel the need to learn. Thank you for your input. Much appreciated.
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Rotap, actually think you, and Rob already know a ton more about this
than most, and especially since you both have those cool Glycines !! 😎😎

But definitely think looking up the serial number would be the best
route to getting a clear answer. 🙂

One thing that could give a quick answer is the look of the logo overall
maybe. With the old logo looking thicker, and taller, and the new one a
little bit shorter, and thinner. But man oh man, It really does seem tough
figuring the whole pre, and post Invicta thing. But from just seeing yours',
and Robs' watches, once thing is for sure they are terrific no matter what.😉
The logo is what's confusing me. I have the "in-between" logo, with the wings. I looked at some casebacks of the pre-invictas online, and they have a 4 digit reference number whereas mine has an 8 digit number. A lot of watchies have a pure hatred for Invicta, but it doesn't really matter to me. It's an excellent timepiece. I used to have Invicta Derangement Syndrome, bit I founf help at 1-800-dontbuythem.
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Where's the 8 digit number on yours? I see the model# GL0049 and another number that I thought might be the serial # (440598).
My mistake. It's a 6 digit number.
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I believe that the dividing line lies with the movement, not the logo. If your watch has an ETA movement in it. It is surely pre-Invicta. If it has a Sellita movement in it. It is most likely post-Invicta.
It's an Eta 7754. I'm not sure if Selita makes a GMT movement.
Can we please get something straight. Glycine may be owned by Invicta, but they haven't changed their machining, their movements, their personnel, or their materials as a result. Glycine are still an excellent Swiss brand who make superb watches at very completive prices. Thank You
I agree with you 100%. I'm really happy with my Glycine, and I even wear some of my old Invictas from time to time. It doesn't matter to me, I just like to know everything about things that interest me. My mind is a sponge, my friend. A sponge.
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