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Is my Glycine Pre-Invicta?

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I am trying to figure out if my Glycine Airman Airfighter is pre-Invicta. It has the "winged" logo which, based on my internet searches, was initiated by the pre-Invicta company but was changed after Invicta took over because of the Armani lawsuit. My watch has the winged logo. Is there anyway to tell, perhaps based on the model number, if my watch is pre-Invicta?

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I believe that the dividing line lies with the movement, not the logo. If your watch has an ETA movement in it. It is surely pre-Invicta. If it has a Sellita movement in it. It is most likely post-Invicta.
Aren't Sellita movements just as good or possibly improved-upon, off patent ETA clones anyway? I ask because I really don't know.
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